Sarah and the Naked Truth

Sarah and the Naked Truth by Elisa Carbone, 2000 Edition
Sarah and the Naked Truth

Sarah and the Naked Truth 
ISBN 0-9769404-8-5

Waking up one morning with a nest of pink bubble gum stuck in her hair, Sarah watches her mother cut away most of her long hair. Pulling a baseball cap over her shorn head, she sets out to welcome Olivia, who's just arrived from Trinidad, to the neighborhood. Joined by Sarah's best friend, Christina, they quickly become inseparable. However, they soon find that friendship takes perseverance as, one after the other, each girl faces a personal challenge. Sarah struggles with being the only girl on a boys' basketball team. Christina fumes at being forced to represent Mexico in a school pageant despite her Salvadoran background. And Olivia hides a secret she's reluctant to share with even her new best friends. Eventually, through wonderfully funny antics and many mishaps, the trio comes to realize that it's far better to be true to themselves and each other than to pose as people they're not.


"Sarah's spunky first-person voice leavens tough issues with humor and wit. Three cheers for three brave girls!" -Washington Parent

"The spunky ten-year-old heroine of Starting School with an Enemy is back, and she's welcome." -Kirkus Reviews

"There's humor and humanity in the friendship depicted, especially in the nonreverential acceptance of disability." -Booklist

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Japanese translation


Japanese Cover

Sarah and the Naked Truth has been released in Japanese! 'Honto ga Ichiban?!' (literal translation: Telling the truth is best) has beautiful new illustrations by Binko Suzuki. Click here to see them!

Sayuri Okamoto, the book's translator, has this to say about Sarah and the Naked Truth, which takes a look at dealing with disability:
"Your book gives us the chance to think about a lot of truths---for example one's true self, a true friendship and true kindness. The message of your book is very simple but very important. It reached my heart straightly."